The Davos Forum Day 2 – Other Investing Lessons

davos-2009-pictureFinally the world business leaders started to do their representative jobs in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum. In other words, we at started to see them throwing to the world some hints with regards to their thinking on what constitute a good investment for the remaining 2009. Especially given the current financial crisis, this was much expected of them…

M&A business has slumped in the past year but companies with strong balance sheets positions are out on hunting bargains.

Most of the business leaders meeting in Davos this week said they saw opportunities in the global downturn, though the traditional leverage of the corporate power is out and a hard-nosed focus on cost cutting is the order of the day.Read More »The Davos Forum Day 2 – Other Investing Lessons

The Davos Forum and the Financial Crisis Thinking of the CEO’s

davosThe World Economic Forum (WEF) has become a sort of pilgrimage for all sorts of real or would-be gurus. Which is not bad at all if you think a little bit – at least you find out how most of the world business leaders think. Or what is what they want us to believe they think.

Well, we here at like charades, so we thought: why shouldn’t we try to read among the lines of the 2009 Davos WEF? Afterall, everything is a matter of interpretation, and most world leaders have an expression these days – the crisis is only in our minds and when it will be over there, it will soon end also in the real world.Read More »The Davos Forum and the Financial Crisis Thinking of the CEO’s