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Adventures of a Trader in the Forex Land (7) – EUR USD

eurusd-image-doitinvestcom-currency-trading-adventuresAt the beginning of the month we were talking a bit about the EURUSD currency pair and its evolution. We have anticipated a bit then by saying that the most traded currency pair in the world, as known as the cable, might not grow further, despite the boiling in the market.
By now, any decent currency trader has found out that the cable pair went down from the resistance level at 1.42 to 1.3, with a good chance to break the latter too. Well, yes, some traders might say that noone could anticipate the Ireland problems and its $85 billion bailout, huge by any means. Especially when you compare the amount with the Ireland GDP, this is one of the largest bailouts ever in the financial history of the world.Read More »Adventures of a Trader in the Forex Land (7) – EUR USD

Quantitative Easing Big Scale – Definitions and US Study Case

photografy possible rising of the us economy

photography possible rising of the us economy

One of the latest causes of the Euro spiking up above 1.42 versus the USD was the quantitative easing policies applied by FED. If you are not familliar with the term, here’s the definition:
Quantitative easing represents the injection of money from a central bank into the economy, via the banking system. It works like this:
1st stage: the Central Bank tries to push the economy by lowering interest rates, which should encourage lending and therefore the consumption. In our case, FED interest rates are already at 0% and publishing negative interest rates would be a bit Japanese, meaning strange (what would it mean to put your monry on the bank and get less at the end of the deposit?!)
2nd stage: Central Bank pushes up the public expenditure, in the hope that money spent like this will push up consumption and persuade firms to invest. In US this is impossible too – because the public debt is huge.Read More »Quantitative Easing Big Scale – Definitions and US Study Case

The Adventures of a Trader in the Forex Land (3)

Here we go further with our forex blog here, on The forex trading insight of today’s blog is quite simple – I found out a rare pattern which could be interesting for  the amateur or professional money makers.

I was looking recently on my IPhone on the EUR to USD (EURUSD) pair. Although I do not trade it, the EURUSD is the most traded pair on earth, so it meets the criteria for perfect trading – high volatility, liquidity, accessibility 24 hours. For me, the EURUSD is like the master market for the online trading, so naturally I look at it periodically.Read More »The Adventures of a Trader in the Forex Land (3)