The Latest Bail Out – CIT

This piece of news is interesting not because it would impact on any investment strategy…but rather because we are in July 209 and the subprime crisis still haunts the US Treasury. The US government was simply forced to bail out one more bank – this time the smaller CIT bank was impacted. CIT’s problems surfaced two years ago due to […]

IMF Reccomends Stronger Measures to Fight the Global Financial Crisis

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has recently published a comprehensive report called “Global Financial Stability Report – Responding to the Financial Crisis and Measuring the Systemic Risk.”. The IMF paper covers the history of the recent global financial crisis, as well as the measures taken by the governments and the companies to fight against it. The report analyzes why the […]

IMF Urges Eastern European Countries to Go for the Euro

The International Monetary Fund issued today a statement by which it encouraged the Eastern European countries to adopt Euro as thei currency, in order to avoid the further effects of the financial crisis. An article published in Financial Times today mentioned that: “For countries in the EU, euro­isation offers the largest benefits in terms of resolving the foreign currency debt […]