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financial crisis

Life after Wall Street

 Many brokers have left Wall Street after the recent investment banks collapse. Probably in the range of 300-500,000 people have seen their jobs disapperaring or on the brink of extinction, due to the recent bank losses. In this blog, will try to share what happened with those lives after they left Wall Street.Read More »Life after Wall Street

Stock trading in the global circus

As mentioned before on doitinvest, DJIA looks like a yo-yo. The same for the oil price and for the profits of the companies today…

DJIA plunged again on a panic access to 8,600 points, after a big gain which was driving it just a few days ago up to 9,500. Looking at this yo-yo of trading a wild idea came to me – what if the news sources do not really get it and the causes of this stocks variations are not a result of the panic?Read More »Stock trading in the global circus