financial manager vs business partner

Simplicient Controlling 8 – Number-Cruncher or Sparring Partner?

Controllers are number crunchers – aren‘t they? A controller is the person who comes to you with a long table, filled with numbers, and uses a red pen to highlight differences.

Unfortunately, not anymore. Business or sparring partner (a term used often in recruiting finance managers) means more than that. To be brutally honest, C-level managers rarely care how much time spent a controller crunching the data and coming up with a deviation analysis. But the C-level bosses will very quickly (matter of minutes) point to a graph bar and mention that there is a problem… Well, I guess in most cases the controller did not spot the issue and needs to follow up. And this re-iteration process goes on and on… tiring up the financial wizards.Read More »Simplicient Controlling 8 – Number-Cruncher or Sparring Partner?