Unemployment Rate Increase – What Does It Mean for Recent Graduates?

copac-luminat-dimineata-devreme-gradina-botanica-anastaise-fatu-iasi-morning-light-on-a-tree-from-the-botanical-garden-of-iasi-october-2009One interesting question was asked by the Forbes panel yesterday:
“What does the recent jump in the unemployment rate (to 10,2%, as reported by the US Bureau of Statistics) mean for the recent college graduates and others entering the job market for the first time in this employment climate? What would you counsel them?”
It is a provocative question, since we live in a challenging economic environment. And it looks quite difficult to be optimistic when the US companies continue to reduce their payrolls by limiting the number of the new employees and reducing those with the lowest company service years.
Yet, the crisis would not last forever. Yes, this is my first advice, similar to the Bible adagio – “Be always ready.” The turnaround is closer than you might think. 6 months might look like an eternity when you are unemployed and have very slim chances to get your dream job, yet these months might pass very quickly. And the best you can do is to prepare yourself.
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