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The Adventures of a Trader in the Forex Land (2)

currencies-doitinvest.comWelcome back to my forex trading blog. Or, as one famous trader named his investing book, welcome back to my trading room:))
A few words on the yesterday’s forex blog trade placed. I mentioned that I placed a trade on GBP/JPY by purchasing 0.5 lots at 146.56 on the Nov 25th. Since I bought 0.5 lots, I was expecting the currencies cross exchange rate to increase. The take profit order was placed at 147. Unfortunately for me, I did not place any stop loss. Fortunately for me, the trade was placed on a demo account, which made me bear no losses.Read More »The Adventures of a Trader in the Forex Land (2)

The Adventures of a Trader in the Forex Land (1)

Well, yes, I made up my mind. The last few weeks I have been testing a MetaTrader 4 platform with forex trading. My trading activities gave mixed and interesting results. This is why I decided to document this trading journey with this online investing blog. It will be an online diary for me, where I will post my conclusions and my learnings, and in the same time a forum for discussions for you, my readers. Therefore, if you have any comments on my trading methods, style, my tools I used for forex, please land on the comment side and leave me a sign. I am very interested in upgrading our common forex trading knowledge…

How did I start trading? I was flirting with the idea for several months. As you can see here, on doitinvest, I have done lots of reviews lately for forex trading books. These are my lectures.Read More »The Adventures of a Trader in the Forex Land (1)

6 Ways to Survive in a Market Crash

currencies-3Mr. Keynes, one of the most respected economists of al times, the one who’s doctrines are still running many countries, has once remarked: “Blessed be our nephews, becasue they shall inherit the national debt”. In the same manner, they shall inherit the outcome of our investment strategies and fortunes, so why not start now in a positive manner?Read More »6 Ways to Survive in a Market Crash