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investing ideas

6 Ways to Survive in a Market Crash

currencies-3Mr. Keynes, one of the most respected economists of al times, the one who’s doctrines are still running many countries, has once remarked: “Blessed be our nephews, becasue they shall inherit the national debt”. In the same manner, they shall inherit the outcome of our investment strategies and fortunes, so why not start now in a positive manner?Read More »6 Ways to Survive in a Market Crash

Forbes Rich List 2009 Unveils Big Changes

billionnaires-mapOne of the most awaited lists in the world of money, the one maintained by Forbes, has been published. And of course, is hitting all the media channels.
If you look at the list, many positions have been changed. And this is mostly due to the recent worldwide shakedown of the economies, who have torn appart many industries. The financial crisis was hitting hard most of the bilionnaired, especially those with large investments in the financial industry or in the raw materials sector.
Some of the billionnaires risked too much. So were most of the Indian and Russian oligharchs, who saw their fortunes vanishing once with the oil price going down more than 3 times in one year. Read More »Forbes Rich List 2009 Unveils Big Changes

How to invest $100

Of course, this could generate a good laugh. But as we on discovered on our research, it is actually quite a feasible idea.
Let’s suppose you paid all the debts which you can – using the spare money to invest instead getting rid of the high-interest debt is not a good idea. What can you do with your $100?Read More »How to invest $100