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Kraft Bid Turns Hostile Today

Today the Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld refused to raise the $ 16.4 billion bar for their offer of Cadbury, as the latest releases showed. Instead, they preffered to go with the offer directly to the shareholders.
Why is this called a “hostile bid”? Well, it is easy – the hostile bid, by definition, goes around the existing board of directors (i.e. without their official approval) and tempts the shareholders directly.Read More »Kraft Bid Turns Hostile Today

Euro Poised to Increase, European Stocks Better than Forecasted

I was reading today some analysis about the euro currency prospects in the incoming day somewhere on Bloomberg. And boy, the things do not look good at all.
The prospects for the Euro are grim. The analsysts said on several web stories that the European currency is supposed to go down, from their current levels of 1,26 USD/EUR to 1,25, which is a psychological level (since it has not been achieved for more than 3 months, and even then – accidentally. The reason would be the bad results of the European banks, especially those of ING.Read More »Euro Poised to Increase, European Stocks Better than Forecasted