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U.S. Economy Seen from a Far-Away Future

back-to-the-futureWell, there is no shortage of the mish mash news today, in a nice avalanche of disasters hitting the once largest economy in the world.

We at were chatting – when we will look from the future to these days, how will they look like? How would look the $22 billion asked today by GM from the U.S. government as a further support to run its operations? How will the new Obama housing plan, unveiled soon today, appear to our eyes?

General Motors Corp and Chrysler LLC requested nearly $22 billion in additional U.S. government loans and said they had reached tentative deals with the United Auto Workers union to reduce labor costs. Of course they should do so, two days after they just received $3 billions which just saved their backs from bankrupcy. With $14 billion in debts to the bondholders, GM must look now more like a bRead More »U.S. Economy Seen from a Far-Away Future