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Technical Analysis Dilemmas- Some Contemporary Thoughts

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I would like to think that by now I am an intermediate level MT4 user. And although I read 20+ books on technical analysis, I still feel like a child when I open the platform from my broker and I browse through the tons of indicators showed there.
Of course, we are all looking for the Holy Grail of the technical analsysis – that single one indicator which, used constantly, produces permanent profits. It doesn’t matter how big the profits are, if they are constant they will provide huge profits eventually through the magic power of compounding.Read More »Technical Analysis Dilemmas- Some Contemporary Thoughts

A Book Review – “Volatility-Based Technical Analysis” by Kirk Northington

Well, I was looking for a long time after an easier book on technical analysis techniques using a programming language. In other words, I was in for a book where you do not get only the usual lengthy descriptions of various trading techniques and their charts with pointers. After all, it is easy to develop a technique and let it fit with any possible trading – in hindsight.

What I was looking for was a simple way to improve my trading skills and to limit my forex trading risks. If possible, for a book which could be rather practical than conceptual, from which I could learn some code snippets and apply those to trading.

The good news is that there is such a book. “Volatility-Based Technical Analysis: Strategies for Trading the Invisible” by Kirk Northington fills a gap between the individual knowledge of a single trader and the collective wisdom of the large financial institutions. In other words, Northington teaches you how to trade individually using the techniques and the leverages of a large institution. This is a big advantage, especially since the rise of the trading platforms which are so easy to use nowadays online. And where the risk is so high and it is so easy to loose large amounts of money in the blink of an eye 🙂

Read More »A Book Review – “Volatility-Based Technical Analysis” by Kirk Northington