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Dubai Default Will Depress the Oil Prices

The recent news that Dubai suspended the repayment of its $59 billion debt sent shockwaves through the markets. Some shockwaves were expected, others came completely out of the blue.
In the first category there are the news of the spreads widening. In the second enter the appreciation of the yen, completely unexpected. Nobody was thinking that the panic will make the yen become what it was once – a safe haven for the investors. Yet, the yen continues to trade higher and higher.
The main resource of Dubai was the oil. And the government from Dubai has to repay somehow their debts. Even in the case of default, they must repay at least partially those bonds. It means that the Dubai sovereign funds and the Dubai asset owners must pump more oil to sell on the global market. Read More »Dubai Default Will Depress the Oil Prices

Oil prices and hurricanes

The Gustav tropical storm has passed over without much damage. The re-insurers (among which Warren Buffet’s one was one of the biggest) got a sight of relief last night, after the tornado has faded right before they hit the shores near Louisiana. And at a sign, the price of oil has dropped abruptly below $110 a barrel, going more down from the record level established in June 2008 ($145 a barrel or so).Read More »Oil prices and hurricanes