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Bestselling Books List from Amazon

Today I had a curiosity – what are the bestselling financial books on Amazon and what is the buzz they are generating over the internet. After all, such a financial bestsellers list should give an indication of the buyers’ moods and interests: what are the readers looking for? how do they feel about the economy? how do they look at the future.
As such, I have compiled a table showing not only the Amazon best finance books rank (this would be embarrassing for, although not unseen before on a financial blog). We have also tracked the number of search results on Google and Bing for those titles. The number of search results should give a very approximate indication of where the interests of the internauts are going to. We have also tried to compile yahoo search results, but their results are a bit strange and most of them were not relevant (N/R).
Conclusions are very interesting. Amazon finance readers look for 3 main categories of books (the first two being by far dominant):Read More »Bestselling Books List from Amazon