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Automated forex robots – do they work?

robot pictureThe latest investing “trend” seems to be in automated forex robots. In other words, you buy a piece of software, put some money into your account and let the software do the trading for you. Is this for real?! wished it was so. But as usually, nothing is what it seems. Let’s put it straight – if you, our investor and blog reader, would have such a tool (which is claimed to have generated up to 1 million dollars in one year), would you sell it?

I think not. First of all, you will have such an amount of money, that you wouldn’t care about selling anything ever (imagine – 100,000 grants per month). Secondly, these tools work against the mass trends, so if you have it it is in your interest NOT to reveal it, otherwise it might not work anymore. If 10,000 people do the same thing, forex trading will not generate any more speculations, but will be the overall trend and nobody would make any profits any more!Read More »Automated forex robots – do they work?