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shares plunging

An Investment Book Review –“International Corporate Finance” by J. Ashok Robin

Well, this came as almost a treat – corporate finance, which in itself is an investment topic to be studied, on an international context. There are many textbooks on the market which study the corporate finance topics, from the main financial decisions of a corporation to financial instruments or the (in)famous weighted average cost of capital (WACC). In an international context, there are quite few study texts.
The field of International corporate finance deals with the various financial activities of international corporations or multinational companies. This book is even more focused – it concentrates on the multinational companies (MNC’s or MNE’s) and on their blood who keeps pumping and make them grow –the flow of money.Read More »An Investment Book Review –“International Corporate Finance” by J. Ashok Robin

Stock exchanges sinking

Since this morning bad news kept pooring in. U.S. stocks decline for a fifth session straight, prolongating a sharp sell-off that has the major indexes trading at or near four-year lows. Today all the US major share indexes plunged 5% more, showing that the markets do not trust the US government’s measures and that the investors are rellocating their money somewhere else.Read More »Stock exchanges sinking