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What Does The Latest Stock Market Crash Mean

After the Dow Jones fell to the smallest level since 1997, the investors can find that buying shares of some global icon companies can be cheaper that buying the products of those companies.
One obvious example is the banks sector. As we previously mentioned here on, Citibank has been basically nationalized by the government which now owns the majority of the ownership. Their share price has crashed to $1 per share, from a maximum of $27 in the last year. Read More »What Does The Latest Stock Market Crash Mean

Service Industries Slowing Down

The service industries from US reported a small victory in January, by slowing at a slower pace than forecasted. The Institute for Supply Management’s index of non- manufacturing businesses, which compose almost 90 percent of the economy, increased to 42.9 from 40.1 in December. Figures below 50 signal a contraction.
This could indicate a turning point in the natural curve of those industries. Read More »Service Industries Slowing Down

Nintendo – Or The Magic of Wii Console

The console that was sold more than double compared to its 2 next rivals (Sony’s PSP 3 and XBox 360 from Microsoft) is back. This time not with an upgrade, but with a flurry of PR declarations.
The San Bernardino (California) seniors used this week Wii for their physical activities in simulated box fights. Yes, it is the same old Wii trick which we at like so much – the famous control-movement sensor which allows you to transmit your physical movements on the screen. And in a nice PR move, Nintendo used this to boost its image. This time, it was showing that the Nintendo Wii console can be used not only for physical activities, but also for fighting against aging diseases.Read More »Nintendo – Or The Magic of Wii Console

Retail sales drop

Here we go further in the crisis. As mentioned a few months ago, this December was supposed to be a sad one for the retailers – and the poor figures confirm this.

U.S. retailers’ sales declined last week the most in almost six years as steeper markdowns before and after Christmas failed to salvage what may be the worst holiday shopping season in four decades.Read More »Retail sales drop

Shares update for today – November 4

As has said previously, a yo-yo. And again, with a very speculative twist so that we can close our mouths when we see the gains some funds will post at the end of Q4 2008.

Dow Jones was relatively stable today at around 9,300, if you can call stable remaining at a level 40% lower than the beginning of 2008 (seems like yesterday, hugh?). But in US it was election day and in the rest of the world some companies came up with positive news – Marks and Spencer increased almost 9% (but looks like Dow Jones – in a gap of potential), Societe Generale gained 6,7% and Clariant AG rallied more than 6% too after posting better-than-estimated results.Read More »Shares update for today – November 4