“Valuation – Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies” (by Tim Koller, Marc Goedhart and David Wessels) – a Financial Book Review

“Valuation – Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies” is a book written from a practical perspective by McKinsey practitioners (among the best in the world in the non-bank investment advising for M&A’s) – The book covers almost any aspect of the corporate valuation, from a stock market perspective to an internal projects point of view; – “Valuation” comes inside […]

Book Review – “Handbook of Finance, Volume III – Valuation, Financial Modeling and Quantitative Tools” by Frank J. Fabozzi (editor)

This week I managed to get over another monster book in finance – the third volume of a well respected series of handbooks put together by the Yale Professor in the Practice of Finance, Frank. J. Fabozzi. It is hard not to be impressed when you first look at such a book – it is a massive tome of 835 […]