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The Benefits of an MBA

Many people did an MBA and are very happy about it. Yet a few things changed in the meanwhile. Although 10 years ago an MBA was almost a guarantee for getting a fantastic job with a corner office and a big salary, lately the things changed. It is easy to forego the difficulties in the jobs market, yet they are here and you should be aware of them.
First of all, the perception of the strategic managers is that an MBA title has become… well just a title and some more part-time experience (extra). A top manager should have enough relevant experience in the field and a track of record which indicates a degree of success in the field where he/she works. An MBA is just the cherry on the pie, is the extra piece which makes competitive. In other words, the MBA itself will not make you elligible for a top level job, but will seriously differentiate you from the competition on the job.

Secondly, the MBA programs are becoming more and more practical. Whilst the employees have been asking this since quite a long while, this is happening slowly. The employers are complaining too and it is going to take a while until they realize that MBA are adding more value. In the meanwhile, you should be aware that the MBA’s can teach you several things which you will never achieve by yourself. Think of it as a top notch training of a hundred year experiences, delivered in two years. Clearly you can hardly achieve this by yourself and if you want to be ready for the globalisation competition, the study cases taken there will definitely help you get ahear.
At last but not at least, a correctly delivered MBA will give you the communication exposure you need. You might spend your professional life in 10 or 40 companies, yet an MBA will bring you colleagues and professors with experiences from many more. Do not neglect this aspect as it might come back to you all of a sudden, when more needed.
So I would say that if you want to learn more (and not use the MBA only for the promotion, this might be the right option. Good luck with your career!

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