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The Best Paid Finance Jobs Today

I was recently browsing the internet for an update on the most interesting jobs in the finance field. Especially in banking, the offer has changed a lot in the last 2-3 years. Whilst in 2008-2009 the best paid jobs and with a relatively large demand were in the area of commercial finance and investment banking, now the situation has changed.
I hope you got curious by now. The results of my mini research are quite surprising: there is a big demand again for banking jobs in a certain area. And the salary offered is quite substantial. Could you guess in which area?
Well, the current market status offers you some hints. Banks are seeing record profits from that area of business, people talk about it too. The area is seen as hot investment for the would-be millionaire and the money are easily invested. And the respective job is quite hard to fill, since the requirements sound like this:
• PhD in a highly quantitative field, Mathematics, Physics, Financial Engineering, Computational Mathematics
• Excellent level of programming in C++ and a proficiency in Excel and VBA
• Top quantitative modeling ability with an expert grasp of complex techniques such as Stochastic Volatility, Advanced PDE’s, Large scale Monte Carlo simulations etc.
You did not guess it yet? Ok, then I will let you know what we are talking about: banks are seeking equity, derivatives, FX or commodities traders. And since they got burned so hard in the last crisis when they relied on intuition, they now want reassurance: high academic degrees and strong experience in the field.
These jobs are very well paid – 150,000 to 250,000 USD/year. So if you want to make good money whilst being employed, this might be your choice.
Good luck!

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