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“The Leap to Leader: How Ambitious Managers Make the Jump to Leadership” by Adam Bryant – A HBR Press Book Essentials best business book reviews - leadership best business book reviews – leadership continues its exploratory journey in the world of the best business books – with a new 2023 title: “The Leap to Leader: How Ambitious Managers Make the Jump to Leadership”.

Author: Adam Bryant

Publication Date: July 11, 2023

Pages: 240

Adam Bryant’s “The Leap to Leader: How Ambitious Managers Make the Jump to Leadership” is a timely and comprehensive guide aimed at ambitious managers aspiring to transition into effective leadership roles within their organizations. Published in July 2023, this book addresses the widening gap between managerial and leadership skills, offering a trusted playbook for those eager to navigate this challenging leap in their careers.

Content and Structure: Bryant structures the book effectively, drawing on his extensive experience as the senior managing director at the ExCo Group and the creator of the renowned Corner Office column in the New York Times. The content is divided into actionable insights, compelling stories, and practical strategies, providing readers with a roadmap for building the essential skills needed for leadership roles. The book’s core strength lies in its utilization of over a hundred real-world success stories from leaders who have successfully made the transition, offering a diverse array of perspectives and approaches.

Leadership Development Framework: At the heart of the book is Bryant’s leadership development framework, which incorporates tools and approaches derived from the collective wisdom of mentors at the ExCo Group, all of whom are former CEOs or global business leaders. By integrating personal growth, human resource management, leadership styles, and emotional intelligence, Bryant presents a holistic approach to leadership development. The emphasis on mission-driven and purposeful leadership aligns with contemporary organizational expectations.

Practical Insights and Mindset Shifts: The book goes beyond theoretical concepts, offering practical insights and strategies for building a loyal following, accelerating career progression, and making the necessary mindset shifts for effective leadership. Bryant’s emphasis on leading with empathy and humanity resonates throughout, contributing to the book’s relevance in the context of modern organizational challenges.

Research and Interview-Based Approach: The credibility of “The Leap to Leader” is bolstered by Bryant’s research-based approach, evident in his interviews with over a thousand leaders and direct interactions with hundreds of fast-rising executives. By incorporating real-world experiences, the book transcends theoretical frameworks, providing a grounded and authentic perspective on the challenges and nuances of leadership.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Adam Bryant’s “The Leap to Leader” stands as a valuable resource for professionals navigating the complex terrain of career advancement. The combination of Bryant’s rich professional background, the diversity of success stories, and the practical guidance offered make this book a compelling read for anyone seeking to transition from management to leadership roles. Aspiring leaders will find in this book a roadmap that is both inspirational and actionable, making it a recommended addition to the library of leadership literature.


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