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US Tech Shares – Reckoning Approaching?

Who says share investors are rational? I mean, beyond a handful of Nobel for economics winners (Merton & Scholes, Akerlof et co.).
Today’s US technology shares were rattled by two tweets from President Trump. No numbers mentioned, only acid comments on China – and the own-elected FED Chairman. The technology shares plunged immediately an average of -2,5%, whilst other US indices went down:

US Tech Shares snapshot Aug 2019, doitinvest.comWas this because investors were dropping shares hearing the bad news about the ongoing war trade with China? Or because China itself retaliated this week with $75 billion in tariffs?
My take is that the investment funds’ algorhitms are programmed to react fast to news – rationality does not pay in a downards market. What do you think?

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