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What Votes Can Do

Today, October 1st, the US Senate has voted finally the law which allows them to rescue the troubled stock exchange markets which they failed to oversee. The rescue plan, which would allow the Treasury Department to buy problem mortgage-related assets from banks, was the most important base for government action to unlock credit markets and ease a deeper economic downturn in the United States and abroad.
Reuters says that investors did not believe the plan and Dow Jones did not increase too much. In fact, we at have a different opinion (as we used you with). It might be that the markets have already taken the correction on Saturday, when Wall Street saw its largest share prices increase in the last 6 years, one day after its worst collapse since 1987. Does it sound familliar? This is just a hypothesis which will make some US politicians blush, but what if they knew in advance that the bill will pass and wanted to gain some time…to buy some undervalued shares? Of course the markets suffered the correction before the news were released…

But this is just a nasty thought which should not be mentioned in relation to the honest politicians who rule the world. Good luck to us, the rest of the people on the boat…

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