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Did you ever wonder how you can compare the exchange rates for various currencies among different trading platforms? Well, DoItInvest helps you make sense of the forex spreads for the major currencies pairs quoted by some big forex dealers. Below you can find live forex quotes as broadcasted by several forex brokers across the world. The figures speak for themselves – the forex spreads and quotes differ among them and this shows in reality how volatile this market can be…
Here we go with a summary of the cable’s (as the EUR/USD forex pair is called) quotes from various internet sources. Hopefully you will find this interesting. What we try to do here is to compare the EUR to USD exchange rates and spread accross various forex trading platforms, in one snapshot. The rates are NOT commercial and is NOT affiliated with any of these companies. We also do NOT receive any money for presenting these forex exchange rates – the purpose is rather to offer a comparative view of what several major forex dealers are quoting around.
Please remember these are CFD quotes. If you want to physically exchange EUR to USD view the following USD bank transfer rates:


ForexPro Live Forex Quotes

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In order to see what happens at a moment with the exchange rates across various dealers, you should just take a screenshot from this page of Then simply save the screenshot (CTRL + PrtScreen) somewhere in a file for future references…

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